Legal Advice

Commercial Litigation Civil

  • Continuous advisory. We offer comprehensive advice to companies, family businesses, SMEs and corporations in corporate law and in preparing the necessary documentation
  • Corporate Operations. We advise, plan and implement the constitution of any type of corporate structure, as well as advising all types of entities in the different processes of investment and disinvestment.
  • Purchase and sale of companies. Advice on the organization of the whole process of selling or buying, negotiation and drafting, agreement and documents confidentiality and non-competition, legal review (“due diligence”), negotiation and drafting purchase agreement, covenant partners, signing agreements and statutory modifications.
  • Property transactions. We handle the drafting, advice and negotiation of deposit, promises of sale, purchase options and sale of rural and urban properties, and advise on mortgages or other guarantees.
  • International. We advise our clients in the process of internationalization and international clients who want to enter the European market.
  • Contracts. Advise the negotiation, drafting, execution and termination of all types of contracts, domestic and international. Agency, Franchise and Distribution.
  • Inheritance law. We manage the legal consequences are determined by the decease of an individual, in terms of the modes of transmission of goods and rights to third parties.
  • Bankruptcy proceedings. We present the application for a declaration of bankruptcy and elaborate viability plans to correct crisis situations, in addition to serving as receivers in the process.
  • Family business. We design solutions to ensure the future of the business project, with solutions to problems in the generational change, ensuring the management and control of the family business when entering unfamiliar or new capital management, and obtaining financing without losing control company cash.
  • Intellectual property. Register, defense, commercial and recovery logos and copyrights. License agreements.
  • Ongoing advice and legal secretarial associations, foundations, civil societies, cooperatives and all kinds of organizations.

From the litigation department we defend the interests of our clients in all types of judicial and arbitration proceedings, both in litigation and pre-litigation phase..

In addition to the already mentioned procedures regarding tax and labor areas, we have extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Unpaid claims.
  • Extinctions of contracts. Claim compensation.
  • Controversies respecting to civil and commercial contracts.
  • Corporate issues. Challenges of agreements.
  • Contractual and extra-contractual responsibility.
  • Conflicts in matters of intellectual property.
  • Unfair competition.
  • Invalid banking contracts.
  • Directors’ liability.
  • Conflicts in civil law and real estate.
  • Litigation leases.
  • Processes relating to inheritance law.
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments.
  • Proceedings of voluntary jurisdiction.
  • Mediation Procedures.
  • Arbitration, national and international.