Forensic Area develops the following services:

  • Reports on related party transactions and transfer pricing. We analyze and advise on transactions carried out within the group of related companies. We document or make, where appropriate, the Master File and Specific File of the different companies of the group.
  • Due Diligence. Our services consist, with explicit consent and assistance of the vendor, in a detailed investigation of the different areas of activity to know more deeply the business being purchased and so reduce the risk of the operation.
  • Expert Reports. We developed insolvency expert witnesses and offer both bankruptcy administration services as counselling at different stages of the process or in the preparation of economic reports supporting of SREs.
  • Other Economic and legal reports. We carry out reports on any matter concerning the company, as company valuation reports, business, brands or assets, arbitration, mediation, alternative methods of dispute resolution, opinions, etc…
  • Intellectual Property. We advise on its proper management, including issues related to the management, protection and optimal use of these intangible assets.
  • Other reports in tax matters. We offer a bespoke service, contact us.