We are specialists in administrative and accounting outsourcing that consists of carrying out all the administrative and support processes which are necessary for the operation of your companies. Our purpose is to provide services in areas that are not part of the key processes of the organization. By handing over the management and execution of certain functions to us, it enables you to focus on the fundamentals of your business.

Our services focus on:

  • Administrative and management control areas.
  • Finance and Accounting.
  • Invoice processing: Accounting and supplier management (claims, payments…).
  • Management and accounting of expense forms.
  • Invoicing.

Advantages of administrative and Accounting outsourcing:

  • Focus on your business goals.
  • Increase in quality, since we apply a System of continuous improvement in our processes.
  • Increased flexibility of the company.
  • Increased profitability through improvement in productivity levels.
  • More internal flexibility by maximizing time management.
  • Optimization of monitoring.
  • Access to advanced technology.


“ We work so that our clients can focus their efforts in the strategic activities of their businesses”