Digital Certificate

A digital certificate is a document that allows to identify yourself, sign documents through electronic signature and carry out secure telematic procedures with all legal guarantees.

If you have a digital certificate, you can automate legal procedures and processes of a company, as well as easy and secure access to personal information. It saves time, trips and money to users.

Planartús is authorized to issue, revoke and renew digital certificates, both for individuals and for representatives of companies and entities, and those certificates have the required legal requirements and coverage. With them, you can accelerate all your recurring and tedious procedures in a completely safe environment.

We also offer a custody and management service that will allow you in a single application to:

  • Carry out your procedures with the administration and other institutions and companies.
  • Sign documents.
  • Monitor the activity of your certificate.
  • Delegate it and revoke its use to third parties.
  • Limit by procedures, dates and even time slots.
  • Impossibility of los and/or theft of private key.
  • Use it from different devices.
  • Unify all your certificates even if they belong to different companies and/or entities.